September 6, 2009

Chicken Frito Casserole

Want something different for that potluck that will leave all your friends and neighbors raving about it for weeks? You have to try this simple yet very amazing casserole! It will make your taste buds dance! It has been in my family for years and is always a huge hit.


1 Jar of Salsa
1 Large bag of Fritos
4 Chicken Breasts cooked and cut into chunks
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
1 8 oz container of sour cream
1 large cube of montary cheader cheese or coby jack shreaded OR a bag of already shreaded...

First: Mix, your two cans of cream of chicken soup with your sour cream in a large bowl. Add the chicken. Mix well coating all the chicken. Add salsa to taste... some like it spicy others don't...
Then, in a large cassarole pan.. layer, fritos and your sauce mixture (with the chicken chunks). Then on top place more fritos and cheese. Cook on 350 for a good hour to a hour and a half. Till fritos turn a little golden brown and cheese is bubblely! YUM! :) Add more salsa if you wish..

Our Family's Favorite!!

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