September 28, 2009

Ranchy Mix


1 Box of Crispix

1 Box of Cheese Nips (or other small cheese crackers like them)

1 Bag of Pretzle Sticks

1 Package of Ranch Seasoning

1 Bottle of Popcorn Oil Butter (I use Orville Redenbacher)

BIG Gallon Sized Zip Lock Baggies

In a LARGE bowl, mix all the items except the Popcorn Oil and Ranch Seasoning. Slowly drip a little popcorn oil over the mixture of Crispix, crackers and pretzles.. toss to coat evenly. You want not too much oil because then it will be soggy.. just a little will do. Next add the ranch seasoning and toss till everything is coated well. If it does not seem to be sticking good.. add a tiny bit more oil.
Place in Gallon sized zip lock baggies for safe keeping.

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