September 7, 2009

Grandma's Old Country Kniffles (Dumpling)

My great-grandmother was from Germany and as a child her and my grandmother use to make these amazing little dumplings they called Kniffles. Grandma would make them plain with just butter or she would add them to soups. My favorite is when she would make a huge batch along with her famous chicken gravy!

Now that I am older, I make these for my own kids and my kids love them almost as much as I do!


4 eggs--beaten
1/4 cup milk
1/4 tsp. salt

To make
In a large bowl mix the eggs, milk, and salt. Add enuf flour inside and out so its not too stiff, but then again not too sticky too. You want the dough to be kinda stiff and kinda sticky! Boil some salt water in a LARGE Pot Cut the dough using a knife into small chunks and place into the boiling water. The knifflies will float when done. Test the biggest one you can find to see if it is done. If still doughy in the middle boil a little bit longer.

The Kniffles (Dumplings) taste good plain with butter on them or dripped in gravy! They also are perfect for soups such as tomatto or chicken noodle! or even veggie! My grandma serves them with beef tips dripped over them. They can be used for almost anything you would use noddles with! YUM! one of my all time favorites!


  1. My german grandmother's recipe would (after the boiling) add them to a corning ware bowl with a little melted butter and place in oven till the tops turned slightly golden in color but not brown... yum with brown gravy...

    T. Arndts
    Albion, Mich

  2. My grandma would top with browned butter - so good!!

  3. My German Grandmother would stuff them, like turn overs, with home made sauerkraut and fry them! Heavenly!!

  4. My significant others grandma made them for the family all the time. Now get makes them for us on special occasions.



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